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Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Geneva, OH

Got Questions? We Got You Covered

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Whether you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time or you simply need a refresher on a specific treatment, Dr. Owens get questions all the time from our patients. We want nothing more than to keep all of our patients, both young and old, fully informed when it comes to their oral health. If you have a question, consider our dental FAQ below for more answers. If needed, you can also call us directly if your question isn’t mentioned.

Can you place dental implants?

Absolutely! Not only do we provide advanced tooth replacement treatment through dental implants, but we can perform every step of the process right here in our dental office. Treatment is ideal for those who have sufficient bone volume, good oral health, healthy gum tissue, and a dedicated oral care routine. We also ask that you avoid using all tobacco products moving forward as they can negatively affect the healing process.

Can I replace multiple teeth with dental implants?

Not only can you replace multiple consecutive teeth with a pair of dental implants, but you can have an entire arch replaced as well. This removes the need for a traditional denture as your current restoration will be affixed to four to six dental implants instead! It’s a great way to ensure better stability, longevity and function.

What if I feel anxious about treatment?

Our dental office is more than prepared if you feel nervous, anxious, or otherwise concerned about your next dental appointment, no matter how minor or complex your needs might be. For example, we offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation, depending on the severity of your anxiety. An expert will be by your side the entire time to ensure your comfort and safety. If your child is too nervous to receive care or they have special needs, sedation may also prove to be very helpful.

How can I restore my damaged tooth?

In the past, silver crowns and fillings were the standard for restorative dentistry. Nowadays, we prefer to use tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin and crowns made from porcelain, both of which provide substantial protection that lasts for many years, all without sacrificing your smile’s appearance.

Do you have dental services for children?

We gladly accept young patients to our dental office! Not only do we offer essential silver diamine fluoride therapy to keep tooth enamel strong, but we also provide dental sealants for their most vulnerable teeth. We even cater to children with special needs, so you can feel confident knowing that your child is getting the services they need.

How often should I visit for a checkup?

We recommend our patients to come in once every six months. This gives us a chance to confirm the presence of decay, gum disease, and any other potential issues that might be causing problems without your knowledge. You’ll also get a detailed cleaning that breaks down substances like tartar, which only dentists can remove safely.

Can you treat my gum disease?

With scaling and root planing, managing your symptoms and preventing gum disease from spreading further is easier than ever. We also provide antibiotic therapy for in between your dental appointments, giving the gums time to heal more quickly and effectively than before.