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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Geneva, OH

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Man receiving 3 D C T digital x-ray scan

Walking into the dental office shouldn’t feel like you’re walking into a museum. Dr. Owens is always on the lookout for dental technology that actively improves your oral care experience, whether it’s through diagnostics or preparation for other treatments. Below, you’ll find a series of advanced dental technologies that make every aspect of your visit even more convenient, efficient and enjoyable than you’d ever expect. Feel free to ask us any questions about them moving forward.

Intraoral Camera

Dental team member capturing intraoral images

If you’ve ever felt left out during a dental exam, we understand where you’re coming from. Having to wait and hear what the dentist thinks about your oral health can make it feel like you’re not playing an active role in the process. With an intraoral camera, which is a small handheld wand equipped with a tiny camera in its tip, we can show you exactly what we see in real time and even highlight why a certain treatment may be needed moving forward.

Digital X-Rays

Dentist and dental team member looking at digital x-rays

In the past, dental X-rays would typically take a long time to develop, require large amounts of chemicals, and even emit unnecessary amounts of radiation. Thankfully, digital X-rays turn that entirely on its head, making it easy to capture detailed images of your underlying oral structures in a matter of minutes and with up to 80% less radiation emissions to boot! X-rays are incredibly important for long-term oral health, and going digital ensures the highest amount of safety possible, regardless of the person receiving the X-ray.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

Dentists looking at 3 D C T cone beam scanner images

Sometimes X-rays aren’t enough to confirm all the information we need to make informed decisions for your care, especially when it comes to dental implant treatment. The CT/Cone Beam scanner is designed to capture extremely detailed 3D cross-sections of your mouth and jaw, then display them in software for closer viewing. We can capture not just your teeth and gums, but the nerves, blood vessels and other sensitive pathways, making your future treatments more predictable.

Digital Impression System

Dentist capturing digital impressions of bite

Capturing impressions for dental restorations is not exactly the most pleasant experience in the world. Biting into putty material works, but it’s not typically comfortable for the patient, nor is it always as effective as it could be. Through a digital impression scanner, we’re able to gently guide a camera-tipped dental wand throughout your mouth and capture hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes. The result is a 3D image that can then be used to create your next dental restoration, all without using clay impression material!

3D Printer

3D printer and model denture

Our 3D printer is a very exciting addition to our practice because it allows us to make our own surgical guides to ensure 100% accuracy during dental implant placement. This guarantees a smooth and conservative procedure that maximizes success while shortening recovery time. We can also print our own temporary dentures in-house, enabling patients to get replacement teeth much faster than before.