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5 Reasons You Need Dental Checkups with Dentures

December 17, 2021

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Hand holding upper dentureIf you’ve lost all your teeth, dentures are a convenient, effective method to rebuild a beautiful, functional smile. You might believe your new set of teeth gets you off the hook for routine dental appointments, but you still need to see your dentist. Although you can’t get cavities, dental checkups with dentures are crucial. Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to visit your dentist to protect your health and investment.


What NOT to Do After Dental Implant Surgery

November 30, 2021

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Dentist explaining dental implant surgeryIf you’ve lost a tooth or two over the years, a dental implant can restore your beautiful smile. It is unlike any other dental prosthetic because it recreates the entire tooth, including the root. As a result, you’ll require oral surgery to place a post in your jawbone to support the restoration. Your new smile can last for a lifetime with the proper care to enjoy a long-term investment. You don’t want anything to compromise the success of your procedure. Here are 5 things you do NOT want to do after your dental implant surgery.


5 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dental Implants

October 18, 2021

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Family enjoying Thanksgiving dinnerAfter not being able to gather with friends and family last year from the COVID crisis, the upcoming holidays are a reason to be excited. While you count your blessings, you have a few more than usual to add to your gratitude list because you’ve replaced your missing teeth. Here are 5 reasons to be thankful for dental implants as you celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.


The History of Teeth Whitening

September 16, 2021

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man pointing to white smile

Teeth whitening. Even if you’ve never had it done, chances are, you know someone who has. The treatment has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially now that the desire for a perfect white smile is widespread. However, did you know that this phenomenon can be traced back thousands of years? The process that we know today has evolved from trial and error that’s occurred over time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the history of teeth whitening and explain how it evolved into the treatment we know today.  


5 Benefits You Can Expect from an Intraoral Camera

September 3, 2021

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Many advancements in dental technology have made some of the most essential dental services (such as checkups) that much easier to complete. One of these technologies is intraoral cameras, a relatively affordable device that’s become more common in dental offices around the world. If you’ve always wondered how these devices can make your dental checkup better in almost every way, learn from a dental practice that uses an intraoral camera every day to serve their patients!


Teeth Whitening & Cavities: A Recipe for Disaster

August 16, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — cooperowens @ 2:49 pm

Do your pearly whites not look as pearly or white as they used to? You’re not alone; tooth discoloration happens to almost everyone for many reasons, like poor dental hygiene, smoking, a coffee habit, or even the natural aging process. If you’re insecure about the color of your teeth, you may have avoided seeing your dentist for routine checkups, which means you could have untreated oral health issues you may not even notice. Purchasing over-the-counter teeth whitening products might seem like the answer, but whitening teeth that are unhealthy can actually damage your smile! Read on to learn how.


Can You Brush Your Dentures Like Your Natural Teeth?

June 17, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — cooperowens @ 12:15 pm
a person brushing their dentures in a sink

After investing your money and time into restoring your smile with dentures, it makes sense that you’re wondering how you can make them last longer and continue functioning as best as they can. You won’t be able to take care of your dentures like you would your natural teeth. Instead, they require unique maintenance that’s important to stay on top of to prevent them from becoming damaged, discolored, or causing other oral issues. Read on to learn whether you can brush your dentures while they’re in your mouth and a variety of other care tips for your new teeth.


What is a Diastema and How is it Treated?

April 22, 2021

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There’s a good chance you’ve met someone before who had a gap between their two front teeth. Perhaps that person is even you! It’s more common than you may think, but did you know there is an actual name for the condition? It’s called a diastema, and if you’re not a dentist, you’ve likely never heard that word before. Keep reading to learn what causes a diastema and how your dentist can treat it.


Tired of Your Dentures? Consider Getting Dental Implants!

March 20, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — cooperowens @ 6:37 pm

If you have suffered extensive tooth loss, you might have purchased some traditional dentures. Such prosthetics offer many benefits. They can look quite natural, and they can restore your ability to eat a wide variety of foods. However, they do come with some significant downsides, such as their tendency to slip out of place during eating and speaking. Fortunately, most people are eligible for a better form of tooth replacement: implant dentures. Let’s talk about what they are and how they can change the way you think about your prosthetic teeth.


Mask Mouth: What It Is, Prevention Tactics, and How Your Dentist Can Help

December 11, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — cooperowens @ 4:32 pm

Over the last nine months, the novel COVID-19 virus has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, from following stay-at-home orders and practicing social distancing to wearing face masks daily. But now dental teams are beginning to realize another consequence: mask mouth. Fortunately, Dr. Owens is an expert on the matter. In fact, you might have seen him on the local news discussing this prevalent issue. Read on to learn what it is, effective prevention tactics, and how your dentist can help.

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